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Summer with Lupus: Overheating, Sun and Photosensitivity

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Do you overheat easily in hot temperatures? Unfortunately, this can be a consequence of Lupus. Other causes of overheating include hyperthyroidism, menopause, diabetes, stress and anxiety and others. The reason for overheating for people with Lupus isn't completely understood. But changing temperatures affects people with Lupus in a lot of ways ...

According to Rheumatologist George Stojan, "Rising temperatures caused joint swelling, inflammation of the tissues that surround organs, rashes, and a decline of important blood cells, including white and red cells and platelets. High humidity resulted in joint swelling and inflammation."

What can you do about it?

1. Stay indoors with AC

2. Stay hydrated with cold/cool water throughout the day - if you are excessively sweating, make sure to rehydrate with electrolytes too (coconut water, a bit of a sports drink, and eat fresh fruits/vegetables with a bit of salt)

3. Try cooling gadgets - fans, ice packs for around the neck, a small towel that you put in the fridge or freezer to bring with you

4. Dress in cool, light layers that can allow air flow and be adjusted as needed

5. Limit sun exposure during the highest UV part of the day: 10 am - 2pm

6. Limit alcohol and caffeine too -- these are dehydrating and can make overheating worse

7. Reduce stress - stress can increase your immune system activity and blood pressure, both of which make overheating worse.

xoxo, The Lupus Dietitian!

If you're ready to feel your best, reach out to see how I can help you take your next step! Also, the next Live Better with Lupus group will start July 2022!!! Reach out if you'd like to join!

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