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🎉🎉 Currently Accepting Applications for the next cohort!!!🎉🎉

Apply now to join others who want to feel great with Lupus!


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When I first heard about Tanya and her program I was probably at my absolute worst when trying to manage my SLE. I had gained weight, constant joint and muscle pain, debilitating fatigue, and minimal will to get up every day to go to work. The day to day was just too difficult, despite all the medication my doctor had prescribed me. I was at rock bottom. 

When I heard about the program it seemed like everything I’ve ever prayed for - regaining control of my life. I had a consultation phone call with her and her comforting words gave me hope that there was light at the end of the tunnel.

By the 6th week in the program I had lost 10 pounds, my joint and muscle pain became nonexistent(!!!) and my fatigue was continuing to improve. It was almost too good to be true. I felt like a completely new person.


Tanya completely changed my life. I had never thought I would be able to feel this way. Just when I was about to give up, Tanya turned my world around. She is very knowledgeable, kindhearted, and truly cares about each and every of her patients. If you or a loved one has been struggling with managing their lupus symptoms, look no further, Tanya has the answers. I am beyond grateful for everything she has done for me.



A Healthier, Happier, More Energetic You

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Join us for a 6-month program that will change your life!

~ 90-Minute “Kick Start” Intensive Initial Nutrition Assessment to start down the right path
~ One 45-minute follow-up counseling session per month
~ Accountability Check-in Form - an opportunity to see how you're doing big picture!

~ Unlimited reviews of Food/Mood/Symptom Journals
~ Customized Meal Plans With Recipes - personalized just for you!

~ Unlimited Email Access & Messaging Between Sessions 

~ Step-by-step workbooks, handouts, and templates for your review 

~ Special “Lab Results” Debriefing Session
~ Personalized Supplement Plan
~ Contact & Collaboration with your Healthcare Providers
~ Comprehensive Lifestyle Review: Discussion and counseling on sleep, environmental products, and lifestyle habits
~ Unlimited, full access to the "Learning Library" of Educational Pre-Recorded Videos, Handouts & Templates
~ Special Fitness module with Coach Daniela - fellow Lupus Warrior
~ Welcome VIP gift for living well w/ Lupus
~ Weekly Encouraging quotes, affirmations, or meditations
~ Hunger and Fullness Tools with Coaching, Intuitive Eating made easy!
~ Access to 25%+ off any orders via Fullscripts as my client for supplements, skin and body care products
~ Bi-Weekly live group coaching calls for questions, check-in's, all Q&A welcome
If you have to miss, you can submit questions ahead of time and they are
recorded for your review
~ Weekly pre-recorded webinars, special guests, or other educational resources
Available to watch and rewatch on your schedule and at your leisure! It doesn't matter if you're having a low energy day, you can always watch the module from your couch, bed, or even later on in the week!





What will “Live better with Lupus” teach you?

  • What’s Driving your Lupus, How to Eat to Fix It: Finally understand the *root* cause of your Lupus and what’s behind your unique symptoms. You’ll learn my science-backed eating guidelines for how to put together all your meals and snacks to set yourself up for reducing your symptoms and saying goodbye to flares! You don’t have to do a lifelong trial and error to figure it out on your own, let me help you with all the shortcuts! 

  • Exercise and Movement for Lupus: Learn what exercises are best for your Lupus. Gone are the days of overdoing it and having fatigue and pain get in the way of your normal days. These workouts are brought to you by Lupus warrior and personal trainer - Coach Daniela who will guide you towards the best ways to move your body with Lupus!

  • Lifestyle habits: We talk sleep, saunas, vagus nerve, and all the other parts of your schedule that are either going to help you feel your best, or are getting in the way. We’ll go through all my top secrets to getting better, high-quality sleep so you can start your day refreshed and alert! 

  • Stress Management and Coping Skills: With not one, but TWO therapists we talk about a positive, results driven mindset, mind-body connection, stress management and coping mechanisms for chronic illness. 

  • Gut Health and Digestion: Your gut and your hormones are intricately connected; you’ll learn how to achieve and leverage better digestion, heal a leaky gut, and improve your gut microbiome! If you ever struggle with constipation, gas, bloat, diarrhea, heartburn, nausea, or abdominal pain- this isn’t normal! These are signs of intolerance and we’ll get you feeling your best after every meal! 

  • Environment: We’ll review all the things in the environment: BPA, PFAs, endocrine disrupting chemicals, and more that are causing your inflammation and getting in the way of you feeling better asap! 

  • Empowering you to take the driver’s seat in your medical journey:  Finally learn what do your labs mean, what are medications for, what side effects are coming from your medication and what’s coming from your autoimmune disease! We have a special guest pharmacist making everything about medications and supplements as clear as possible! NOW, you can feel ready with the right questions at the doctors office to get the care and treatment you deserve! 

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Here to help!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Live Better with Lupus group coaching program or have any additional questions after going through the FAQ list, book a 15 minute discovery call with me today!



This program is 6 months long with self-paced recorded videos that you can watch on your own schedule, live Q&A sessions to support your journey, a private members-only group, step-by-step guidance to help you Live Better with Lupus now!


I can provide a Superbill so you may be reimbursed for the cost of your program with HSA or FSA money. You always have to check with your insurance provider for eligibility and details, I am not responsible if it is not approved for reimbursement.


You can expect to have the energy to achieve what you want in the day! To get back to the gym! To get back to feeling clarity and energy at work and with your family! 

You can expect to take back control of your life with Lupus! 

To finally get results from your hard work and efforts to heal your inflammation! 

To stop feeling overwhelmed and unsure of the next step!

Yes, there are varying options for your budget. You can pay in full, weekly or monthly over the course of the program.



Live Better with Lupus Academy is a holistic, whole body approach. We address nutrition, lifestyle, environment, medications, stress management, ways to improve sleep, coping skills, and exercise. 

As a group participant, you are never left to fend for yourself, you will have guidance and support every step of the way. Not only will you learn about what will help you, but also the guidance on how to implement those new habits in your life! Implementing only some of the new information will still get you measurable results!



NOW! Doors are open :) And you can join today!

Not only is this the only full-body approach, but the only Lupus-focused program taught by an expert dietitian AND a person living well with Lupus!

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Group Program: Clients
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