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How can I help you?

 No matter what you are looking for, The Lupus Dietitian offers a wide range of services.

You work together on a customized plan for your particular health needs. Schedule a consultation today.

Nutrition Services : Services

One on One Nutrition Counseling Packages

Fine Tune for the Optimal Results

● Initial Nutrition Assessement
● Lab Results Review 
● Varying Number of 45-minute counseling sessions
● Monthly Accountability Form
● Food/Mood/Symptoms Journal Review With Comments
● Customized Meal Plans With Recipes
● Text, Email & Messaging Access Between Sessions
● Personalized Supplement Review 

● Discounts on Supplements, Skincare, Sunscreen 
● Educational Videos, Handouts, and Templates

● Comprehensive Lifestyle Review: Discussion and counseling on sleep, environmental and lifestyle factors 
● Access to the "Learning Library" of Educational Pre-Recorded Videos, Handouts and Templates

What Do We Accomplish in Nutrition Counseling?

beautiful mountain scenery with plate of bacon, berries, avocado and food

Our work together includes: 

● Setting you up for LONG-TERM SUCCESS 
● Recipes and meal plans that work for you and your loved ones
● SMART goals - meeting you where you are and achieving progress on your timeline 

● Working through challenges together 

● Supporting you every step of the way 

● Having you be ready to take on any situation or surprise after we're done working together - the goal is that you won't need me forever!

What do I NOT do?
● No "One size fits all" diet/lifestyle changes, everything is completely individualized to you! 
● No CRAZY supplement list 
● No extreme restrictions or eliminations 
● No "my way or the highway" approach
● No shame, guilt, or pressure - I'm here to support not judge 

● No one left behind - no matter where you're starting, you WILL see progress in our time together 

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hands of many skin tones all together in a circle; like the start of a team meeting - support group for autoimmune disease

Want more?
Contact me today! 

Join the waitlist to save your spot in my next group!


Split into an easy step by step process


Unlimited support with me and Private Group Support


The Guidance You Need

Nutrition Services : Services
Nutrition Services : Clients


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