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Watch Out For These Lupus Symptoms

Lupus can affect every part of your body. Personally, when I had flares in the past, my symptoms were pleuritis (that intense chest pain when taking deep breaths), joint and muscle pain and stiffness, malar rash, and fatigue. Since changing my diet and lifestyle, I'm glad to say, I don't experience those symptoms anymore!

There are symptoms that are well-known for Lupus like the malar rash or butterfly rash. This red rash appears over your cheeks and nose.

However, there are MANY ways Lupus can affect your body, read the list below to see if Lupus has been affecting you in any unexpected ways:

Heart: Chest pain

Difficulty breathing

Rapid and/or irregular heartbeat

Lung: Pain in the chest when deep breathing

Eye: Dry eyes

Eye redness

Some loss of vision

Blood: Bleeding and/or bruising easily


Muscles & Bones: Muscle weakness

Stiffness in joints

Aching muscles



Skin: Skin rashes

Sensitivity to sun or light

Mouth or nose sores

Hair loss

Brain: Seizures

Headache and/or dizziness

Memory problems or confusion

Sad thoughts

Weakness/numbness on one side (for example, one arm feeling weak or numb)

Kidney: Swelling of legs and/or feet

Frothy and/or bloody urine

General: Fatigue


Weight change

Poor appetite

If you are having the above symptoms of Lupus affecting your kidney, brain, or heart appear, seek medical attention right away! Blood clots can be a concern for people with Lupus and require immediate medical attention.

Are you ready to say goodbye to Lupus symptoms? Click here to schedule a 15-minute free meet & greet consultation with me!


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