Is my symptom Lupus related?

Updated: Sep 29

I hear SO often from people their confusion and frustration about their symptoms!

People often ask, is this symptom related to my Lupus? My medication? My period? My stress? My environment? Not only do I hear your frustration, I feel it! I've had those questions too!

Here is a nice check-list from o

n symptoms related to Lupus to bring to your doctor ...

Download PDF • 221KB

The symptoms included in the handout include the following:

Heart: Chest pain

Difficulty breathing

Rapid and/or irregular heartbeat

Lung: Pain in the chest when deep breathing

Eye: Dry eyes

Eye redness

Some loss of vision

Blood: Bleeding and/or bruising easily


Muscles & Bones: Muscle weakness

Stiffness in joints

Aching muscles

Skin: Skin rashes

Sensitivity to sun or light

Mouth or nose sores

Hair loss

Brain: Seizures

Headache and/or dizziness