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Happy Lupus Awareness Month and World Lupus Day

Updated: May 11, 2022

Hi all, May is Lupus Awareness Month and May 10th is World Lupus Day!

So ... what should we do?

1. Pat yourself on the back for surviving with Lupus!!! It's a tough journey we've been put on and unfortunately, is not just going to disappear. We can manage our Lupus symptoms though!! And not only survive, but thrive!!!

2. Raise awareness about Lupus - according to, "63% of Americans surveyed have never heard of lupus or know little or nothing about this disease and its symptoms beyond the name indicating there is a significant opportunity and need for continued public education"

~ Share any of my Lupus posts - happy to have my content help others!

~ Share other Lupus warrior stories

~ Share your own story if you feel comfortable! You may be surprised at how much support you receive!

3. Take this month to put yourself first - if you're not thriving, try out a new healthy habit this month!

~ If stress is making you crazy, try 5 minutes of meditation a day (Simple Habit and Headspace are free apps with lots of great content!)

~ If you're struggling to keep up with your tasks, ask for help from a loved one on a task that needs to get done but feels overwhelming or break down that task into parts and just do one part today

~ If you're thinking of starting an exercise routine, start slow with just 5 minutes of walking or stretching per day at the times you feel the least pain or most energetic. Put on a great song that makes you feel happy while you do it

~ If you're considering changing your eating habits and lifestyle, don't wait any longer! It doesn't have to be overwhelming or difficult. In fact it can be incredibly easy with my step by step guidance!

Reach out to schedule a free 15 minute meet and greet call with me! I help so many people with Lupus feel their best with 1:1 nutrition counseling and my group program, "Live Better with Lupus!" Click here to schedule your call today!!

Happy Lupus Awareness Month!!!!

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