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Did you just get diagnosed with Lupus? Your next steps ...

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Being diagnosed with Lupus can be overwhelming and incredibly isolating.

You may be wondering some big questions:

What are the symptoms of Lupus?

Can lupus be cured? Can lupus go away? Can lupus affect your eyes? kidneys? mind?

And I'm sure SO MANY more questions!!!

Here are my recommendations:

1. Talk to your doctor!!! If your doctor doesn't answer all your questions, see if you can speak to a PA (Physician's Assistant) or NP (Nurse Practitioner) in the doctor's office. Get your questions answered by someone that's familiar with your medical history and current health!

2. Access great resources written by professionals that know what they are talking about:

Educate yourself and take the time to read about Lupus.

3. Join a support group, and take advantage of free resources! -- you can search by ethnicity, age, and by your state!

4. Continue to follow me! Subscribe today, and if you're ready for more personalized help ...

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