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My story Living with Lupus

How did I become a Lupus expert?

I was diagnosed with my first autoimmune disease when I was only 12 years old.

Over my teen years and my 20s, I was collecting autoimmune diseases as if they were Pokemon cards -- but I did NOT want to collect them all!

In fact, one of my autoimmune diseases landed me in the hospital for months while my liver was failing. Thankfully, I was able to work with the doctors and made tons of dietary changes that helped me finally stop the inflammation and organ damage. My latest tests actually show that the scar tissue in my liver is almost completely gone and I've actually been able to recover from the damage!! (And no, this was not alcohol-related, just autoimmune disease flaring.)

1) 2)

1) my arm with one of many IV's while I was in the hospital

2) family and friends trying to cheer me up :)

Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with Lupus and had many of the symptoms all at once: fatigue, face rash, TERRIBLE joint/muscle stiffness, swelling and pain, inability to even use my hands for the first half of the day, and my labs were looking really scary again. In fact, I had to have help to get out of bed, get dressed, and get out the door because it felt as if my body was a stiff, incredibly wooden doll that just wasn't moving.

After a few of those flares, I said, ENOUGH! I'm tired of more autoimmune diagnoses, I want to live my life, I want to have children, and I want the freedom to predict that I'm going to wake up and feel good in the morning!

!!!! I can't live like this anymore!!!!

I went back to the drawing board, using my skills as a Registered Dietitian (I'd already gotten my master's degree and worked in the field for a while), and implemented every bit of research on things that would be helpful in my own diet and lifestyle.

I can proudly say, after implementing those changes, I have been completely FLARE FREE and SYMPTOM FREE for more than 7 years!!!!

And now I'd love to use my Lupus and dietitian expertise to help YOU ...

~ increase energy

~ reduce pain, stiffness

~ increase your vitality

~ avoid more and more medications

~ be free to travel, socialize, live your life again!

~ finally take back control of your Lupus!

Don't wait for the perfect time, it doesn't exist, but getting started today, means you can feel better as soon as the next few weeks!!

Where do you want to be next month, still dealing with these symptoms? Or feeling better?

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