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Finding inspiration on days you feel like quitting

It can be really difficult to keep going with Lupus. Flare days are the absolute worst.

Here are some quick tips to put a little pep in your step today ...

  1. Get some sunshine in your eyes - not even for very long, thanks #photosensitivity, but breathing in outside air, getting some sunshine - even for 5 minutes- can help boost your energy and improve your mood. If it's a rainy day, even the fresh air can be helpful

  2. Stretch or self-massage - whatever you can do to feel a little good in your body right now, please do!

  3. Read or listen to an inspirational story - sometimes it can be easy to feel really discouraged and upset in your current state. However, sometimes stepping away from ourselves and hearing about someone who has overcome a different challenge can help!

*No, I do NOT mean, "it could be worse" mentality by seeing another tough situation, I mean taking a break from being in our own heads and gaining inspiration from elsewhere.

4. Quit - (WHAT! You're telling me to quit!) Not completely, just for today. Take a break. Not every day is going to be a day of progress. Some days need to be a rest day. If you've got no spoons left, REST!

5. Avoid comparison-itis - Maybe your progress towards the goal isn't as fast as others, only compare your progress to yourself. It's easy to get discouraged when you see miraculous before/afters online or fantastic success stories.

6. Ask for help! If doing it all yourself is not working, I can help you!!!! I provide absolutely individualized, step-by-step guidance to make it all as easy for you as possible!!!

Click here to schedule a free meet and greet with me to see how I can help :)

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