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Tanya Freirich, MS, RDN, CDCES -- Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

I have worked as a dietitian for more than a decade after obtaining both my Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Clinical Nutrition from New York University. I started my career at the world renowned New York Presbyterian hospital, then honed my skills in private practice and as an outpatient dietitian. 

After years of counseling on a variety of medical conditions, I've focused my nutrition expertise, scientific research and personal experience with Lupus to help others heal themselves from Lupus! 

Reach out to me today for 1:1 nutrition counseling or to join my upcoming group coaching program. Don't wait any longer to feel better! 


Tanya has helped me immeasurably in regards to my health and wellness. After about 6 months of working with her, I've experienced such incredible results and am very proud to say that by pairing her advice and recommendations with regular exercise I've lost nearly 15 pounds. I feel stronger, healthier, and much more confident. She's really helped me to be more cognizant of my dietary choices as well as re-structuring my eating habits. She's wonderful to work with and I would (and have!!) recommend her to anyone who's looking for a personalized and in-depth dietitian.

Rachel Gitlin


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