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Staying Healthy for Memorial Day weekend with Lupus ...

Updated: Apr 18

Memorial Day weekend is a time to honor those who have sacrificed their lives for our country. It is also a time to enjoy the beginning of summer with family and friends. However, the holiday weekend often involves unhealthy eating habits and sedentary activities. Just wait, you can do it better!

  1. Host a Healthy BBQ

Barbecues are a traditional way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend but often involve high-fat meats, sugary drinks, and processed snacks. Instead, host a healthy BBQ by grilling lean meats such as chicken or fish and serving fresh vegetables like corn on the cob, grilled asparagus, or a colorful salad. You can also offer fruit-infused water or unsweetened iced tea as refreshing beverage options. For dessert, consider grilling fruit like pineapple or peaches for a naturally sweet and healthy treat.

2. Plan Active Outdoor Activities

Instead of spending the weekend on the couch, plan some active outdoor activities. Take a hike, go for a bike ride, or play a game of frisbee in the park. These activities promote physical activity and provide opportunities to spend quality time with loved ones while enjoying the beautiful weather.

3. Make Healthy Snacks and Treats

Snacking is often a part of the Memorial Day weekend festivities, but it doesn't have to be unhealthy. Instead of chips and dip, offer fresh veggies with hummus or guacamole. For a sweet treat, make homemade frozen yogurt or fruit popsicles. These healthier options still provide a delicious snack while promoting healthy eating habits.

4. Enjoy Water Activities

Memorial Day weekend is often the start of beach and pool season. Take advantage of the water by swimming, kayaking, or paddleboarding. These activities not only provide a refreshing way to cool off but also promote physical activity and are great for the whole family to enjoy.

Don't forget your sunscreen and to make sure you're staying hydrated if it is a hot weekend. Overexposure to the sun can lead to a rash or a flare if you're photosensitive.

Have a happy and healthy Memorial Day weekend!

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