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5 Things I wish I knew when I was first diagnosed with Lupus

1. Find a doctor that listens to you! If you don't feel that your doctor takes enough time with you or is listening, they could miss something that could be life or death. You can fire your doctor and find a new one :) Your life depends on it!

2. You are the expert on your own body! Don't let others gaslight you or even gaslight yourself. If you feel a symptom, it's real. Keep a symptom journal if you struggle to recall the dates or severity of your symptoms.

3. Build your support system. Chronic illness is a huge burden to bear. Without people in your corner, it can be even heavier. Find those in your life you can depend on. It will make a huge difference to have help when you need it or know you have a shoulder to cry on when you feel upset. You may be so strong, but you don't have to do this on your own. Finding others that have Lupus can be invaluable as well!

4. Having a plan is vital! It's so overwhelming to try to accomplish all the tasks I need to do, as well as health-promoting habits without a plan. I don't schedule everything in my life, but I know now what things are non-negotiable! Rest is one of them, I need to have a plan to get enough sleep and rest or I'll burn out.

5. Diet and lifestyle make a HUGE difference! I wasn't able to eliminate my flares until I started following an anti-inflammatory diet and the best habits for my body.

Stop wasting time feeling bad!

Let me help you feel your best as soon as possible!

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